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Artist on tumblr - FalcaoLucas  is an illustration project created by Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas, two designers/ musicians/ illustrators from Portugal who also happen to be a married couple.

We have several works published in various newspapers, as well as advertising work for various companies. Our inspiration comes from music and the emotions it conveys.

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The Intricate, Beautiful Patterns of Civilization Seen From Above

umans love to tease signals from noise. We see a man in the moon, Mother Mary in a piece of toast, Lady Luck in a winning run at the casino. Alex MacLean deftly plays to this tendency in his stunning aerial photos that reveal patterns in seemingly mundane things.

MacLean leans from the window of an airplane to snap tightly arranged photos of urban, industrial and wild environments. The vantage point is low enough to make out the people and places on the ground, but high enough to see their organization within the broader landscape. His photos provide our appetite for patterns several layers of interpretation to chew on, while exploring the impact of things like urban sprawl, pollution and resource extraction.

“Through sort of abstract and engaging patterns, those things will draw people into it, and hopefully think about these issues,” he says. “It really is about combining art and information. Some of it is sort of subliminal–you can’t quite put your finger on it but it sort of draws you in and engages you.”

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at Aranysas Patika, Pécs


at Aranysas Patika, Pécs

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Frecklefaced29 aka May Ann Licudine aka Mall (Philippines) - 1: Luna, 2012  2: Tora, 2010  3: La Nina, 2012  4-6: Unknown Titles  7: Kaoru, 2011    Drawings: Graphite on Paper

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